Nowadays, the is only connected wirelessly that is using the WiFi method. But some printers also provide both features: connection using WiFi and connection Via USB cable. We are going to see both the connection processes below. And if you are a new user of canon ij printer, you will know the detailed process of setup and connection below. The driver downloading process is also given below. Following is the quick process of the setup of canon ij printers via USB cable and wirelessly too.

Easy and steps to download software driver

 So following are the quick and easy steps to download the Canon ij printer driver or software:-

  • Now open the browser of your device that is Pc or laptop.
  • Using the browser search engine, visit the link
  • Then an official page of Canon will appear.
  • Then move further by clicking on the Setup option on the home page of Canon.
  • After that, enter the model number or name of your printer in the search box.
  • And then click on the Go option.
  • Or you can also select the model number by using the following alphabetical order on the page.
  • Then on the other page, you need to select the operating system first.
  • And then click on the Download option.
  • Then downloading of setup or software setup will begin.
  • Or you will find a list of drivers or Software for canon printers.
  • There click on the Ok button.
  • Then Drivers and a Download option will appear.
  • Then select the driver for your new canon ij printer and click on the Download option.
  • That’s it; downloading of the driver will begin.

Easy and Quick way to install software and printer

. Following is the easy and quick method to install ij canon software and printer:-

  • After downloading the setup or driver, go to the downloads folder.
  • Then double click on the driver setup.
  • Run the setup and allow it to make changes.
  • Then select the wireless connection.
  • If you have a cable setup, go for the USB connection option.
  • And if you are installing the driver for Mac operating system, you have to enter all the required information before installing the software for Mac.
  • After installing the setup, it’s time to go for printer WiFi settings.
  • To set up the WiFi, press and hold the WiFi button until the blue light blinks.
  • If the blue light blinks, that means the printer’s WiFi is on, and then printer is ready to connect to the device.
  • Then establish the WiFi router too.
  • Now go for the installation of the driver.
  • There agree with the license and agreement of the driver.
  • Then select and connect the driver or device with a WiFi router nearby.
  • Then connect the printer that you want to connect, that is
  • After that, it will send the message to the printer.
  • When you see any message on the screen, click on the Ok option.
  • That,s it, canon ij printer driver installation is all set.

Quick process to connect the printer via USB cable/Manually:-

There are two processes available in printer connection; one is without using any USB cord, and the other is using a USB cord. Following is the quick process to connect the ij canon printer via USB cable;

  • If you feel that the device is not connecting or the wireless connection is impossible, you can switch from wireless to USB.
  • Now go for the setup or connection process of the USB cord with Pc or any other device. 
  • For the Mac users, go for the Next option.
  • Now connect the WiFi router to the device.
  • After that, take the USB cord and connect it to the Pc and Printer.
  • Then go to the Start option of Pc.
  • Then go for Settings or control panel settings.
  • In the settings, go for the Devices option.
  • In devices, you have to go with the Printer and scanners option.
  • Then click on the Add device option.
  • There add your printer that is connected via USB cable.
  • And then, the device is added to your Pc, and the printer is connected with Pc.
  • That’s it; the printer is connected to Pc via USB cable. setup

Quick process to connect wireless on Windows devices:-

We can connect the wireless canon ij printer with a computer, Mac, Pc, and smartphone. The following process is the quick process to connect the wireless ij canon printer setup on Windows Pc device;

  • The first step you need to follow is to press and hold the printer’s power button till the green light blinks.
  • Then press the stop button if the green light simultaneously blinks.
  • Now press the Settings or setup button of the printer.
  • Take the arrow button on the LAN network, which will be on the LCD screen of the printer.
  • Then press the Ok button.
  • After that, take the arrow to the Wireless LAN option. 
  • Then the WiFi light that is blue light near the WiFi button, starts to blink.
  • Then press the Ok button on the printer.
  • Now the printer is ready to connect to a Windows computer.
  • Now go to the driver and start its installation.
  • Agree with the license and agreement.
  • Then go for a Wireless connection.
  • Now connect the WiFi router to a Windows computer.
  • Then enter the password of your router to connect.
  • Then go for printer connection or registration.
  • For that, select your printer first.
  • Then it will send a message to the PC.
  • You will receive a return message from the printer.
  • There click on the Complete or Ok option.
  • Then the printer is connected to a Windows computer.
  • That’s it, the connection of wireless on Windows computer is successful.